Go Daddy Workspace Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Go Daddy Workspace Login:

Instructions for Logging on:

1. You need to visit this website https://login.secureserver.net/?app=wbe You should type this address exactly into your navigation bar at the top your browser.
2. Once here, you will notice a clean setup, with a simple login setup. Start out by first entering your username, usually the email address you used to sign up, into the top section marked "User name"
3. Just below the user name area, is a space where you need to enter in your password.
4. Click on the big blue button below the fields to login.
5. If you are not logged in, be sure that you entered in your username and password perfect to the letter. If you still have problems, follow the instructions below.


Instructions for Resetting your Login Information:

1. You should start by visiting the home page for godaddy.com: https://www.godaddy.com/?ci=13333
2. On this page, click on the gray button that says "Log In to My Account."
3. The username and password fields will show up, but you need to click on the link directly below the username section that says "Forgot Password?"
4. Here you have three options, but two will be the most useful to you. You can either follow the instructions on the right side of the screen to reset your login, or you can click the link on the left that says "see my password hint."
5. Like most password reset operations, the website should send you an email with instructions you need to follow. It might be necessary to check your spam and trash folders to see if this email has been automatically directed there. Just be sure to wait at least ten minutes before getting worried about where your support email is.

Go Daddy Contact Information:

1. Phone Number: (480) 505-8877
2. Submit a Support Ticket/email: https://support.godaddy.com/support/?ci=22419&section=emailus 
3. Visit the Forums: http://support.godaddy.com/forums/ 

The phone number listed above is an all-day number, so you can call for help and support 24/7. There is a note about submitting support tickets on the website that says that someone who is logged in will be answered sooner. If you urgently need to access your worskpace login, it might be best to call them up right away so you don't have to wait.